Woolite.. For Everyday?

Did you know Woolite has expanded their product line to include more then just fabric softener? They are now selling detergent. Woolite sent me some samples to evaluate and share with my friends. Here's what I thought.

On a Good, Better, Best basis I would probably put the new Woolite in the "better" category. There is definitely a lot of much worse brands and types of detergent. Ones that leave a filmy residue on your clothes. Ones that don't even fully dissolve in the washer. My experience with Woolite didn't generate any of these issues. I found it to be comparable to most basic detergents.

Price is a huge factor for all of us, especially with laundry detergent, since it isn't cheap. And you do get what you pay for. Based on its performance during my evaluation I find Woolite to be over priced. I think they would do better by themselves to be more competitive, price wise. They are currently possibly the highest priced detergent, with the exception of all nature and "free" brands. I would consider Woolite comparable to Tide or Gain, but comes in at $3-$4 more for a 100oz bottle. Keep in mind thought, Woolite everyday is High Efficiency safe... Other detergents aren't or have a separate high efficiency safe. This could be the reason for the price difference. And I don't use a high efficiency machine, so I am more accustom the basic laundry detergent.

Performance is also important when choosing a detergent. The detergent manufactures have been getting very creative. I've had little pods that don't dissolve  and therefore don't wash your clothes. My mother, a house cleaner, notices that any highly perfumed detergent leaves a horrible residue on her rags. And some detergents, just don't work. Woolite works! I experienced no "side effects". The clothes come out smelling clean, they are clean, and there are no films or residues left behind.

I am partial to detergents with a strong after wash smell or perfume, but I know a lot of people are not. If you are one of those people, then you Woolite is for you. The clothe have a general clean smell, with no strong perfumes.

I used my personal samples on a load of clothes as well as my sheets to see how they would do. I had a hoodie, my favorite hoodie, that for some reason would never get clean around the neck / hood area. The more I washed it the worse it started to smell, just it that area. Woolie did the job. The hoodie is finally clean!
Before Woolite

Then I have my sheets a try. They get pretty decent wear spots right where I sleep. I hate it, because the perimeter of the sheets still look new out of the box, then there is my body pattern. You can see on the pillows how they looked new ( I don't use the pillows).
After Woolite

The photo on the right shows the after Woolite. There wasn't much of a difference unfortunately, but I don't think I would've gotten any different results with another detergent either.

Overall, I find Woolite to be a very comparable and competitive detergent in the high efficiency department. I would like to see the detergent more competitively priced with regular detergent, but with high efficiency machines becoming the norm, regular detergent will eventually be a thing of the past anyway.


I hope you find this information helpful.
While I was sent free product for evaluation purposes these opinions are my own and 100% honest. 
I do not accept any liability from the purchase or use of the products I have reviewed.


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