I joined the Candy Shoppe Designs BLOG HOP MEME!

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1}what is your favorite or most recent etsy purchase and who are your favorite etsy sellers??
A- I have actually never purchased off etsy. Considered selling on there, but haven't bought
anything yet.
What would you like to tell a teacher who has changed your life?
A- Making things more enjoyable and fun made you one of the most memorable teachers
I had through high school. Thank you for that!

3} Did you marry your first true love?
A- Yea... Still workin on that marriage thing.

4} 4 Things that make up who I am? A- Scrapbooking, My Parents, My Friends, Music

5} What was your favorite pet?
A- My favorite pet IS casie, I call her Chunk.. Because thats what she is!! Shes grossly overweight ( as are most cocker spaniels). Her hearing is going bad so if you sneeze she thinks its a knock at the door and goes into defense mode. She lives to eat. Shes afraid of grass. But I fear she wont be around much longer :( she is having seizures (another cocker thing) and is getting old, 11 years.

6} What are the words or phrases you use over and over?

A- Crap, No Way, Jump, Superflous, Oxymoron, Scrapbooking
7} Can't answer this question... Currently in the process of figuring that out myself.

8} Have you ever met a celebrity?
A- Yes, Craig Morgan (country singer). I won a meet and greet from the radio station.

9} Who is your celebrity crush and why? A- Who isn't...lol just kidding. Umm, At the moment I would have to say Daniel Tosh
(comedian). Hes just cute. And a little funny.

10} What is your guilty pleasure?
A- Cookies & Cream Ice Cream

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  1. Thank you for joining CSD Blog Hop Meme! Loved reading your answers!

  2. OMG...once you do order from Etsy, you will be hooked-it's addictive...trust me-BUT inexpensive so....I do love your words and I forgot I use the word CRAP entirely too much too :)....and ps-I love Tosh.O too; he is hilarious!!!!!

    thanks for popping over and hopping; it was great reading about you!

    KitKat (Candy Shoppe Team Sugar)

  3. Hope you had FUN with our Blog Hop Meme. Was interested in finding out that one of your favorite words was "jump." Made me go "hmm?" LOL

  4. ha ha, had to gogle daniel tosh...yes, i know who he is...totally goofy cute! casie sounds adorable....

  5. I really enjoyed reading your answers! Thanks for joining us!

    / Jeanette from CSD